AQITA 2014

The school is organized in collaboration with the Abdus Salam Internationel Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and the COST action MP1006

The last years have witnessed fast growing developments in the use of quantum mechanics in technology-oriented and information-related fields, including metrology, nano-devices development, biophysics together with computation, communication and cryptography.

Topics as quantum entanglement, quantum coherence and decohering phenomena both in microscopic and mesoscopic systems have been attracting the interest of a growing number of researchers, especially young ones, both from developed and developing countries.

The consequent outburst of theoretical results and experimental achievements are now driving new experimental, in particular concerning quantum optics, tests of quantum mechanical effects with unprecedented accuracies that carry with themselves the concrete possibility of novel technological spin-offs.

Indeed, the manifold advances in quantum optics, atom and ion manipulations, spintronics and nano-technologies are allowing direct experimental verifications of new ideas and their applications to as different fields as many-body simulations and biophysics.

All these activities have de facto boosted a reborn interest in quantum mechanics and created a unique framework in which theoretical and experimental physics have become fruitfully tangled with information theory, computer, material and life sciences.

A School plus a Conference on these themes would provide an invaluable focus on the interdisciplinary character of these disciplines, which in turn could be best conveyed to graduate students and young researchers.