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MANAPSE laboratory (MAterials, NAnomaterials for Photovoltaic conversion and Electrochemical Storage) is a team of researchers working on synthesis and characterization of materials for photovoltaic conversion and electrochemical storage. Our team is specifically working on transparent conducting ocixdes (n and p type), semiconductors for solar cells and sensors, and monitoring of PV modules performances under out door conditions. MANAPSE researchers are also working on materials and nanomaterials as electrodes for batteries. Material synthesis, characterization and electrochemical tests are carried out. Simple and low cost methods are used for the synthesis of active materials as sol-gel method, solvothermal method and ball-milling. As Morocco is one of the biggest producers of phosphates on the word, the valorization of this natural resource is one of the priorities of our laboratory. Phosphates and phosphites materials and their composites with graphene are synthesized and tested as anode materials for Lithium ion batteries, especially that they have proven a very interesting electrochemical behavior. Metal-air batteries are of great interest as future technology for the electrochemical energy storage. Developing metal oxides as electrocatalyst for oxygen reaction reduction is also one of MANAPSE’s activities.

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