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About Us

In 2018, scientific research at our university underwent restructuring, culminating in the establishment of the Laboratory of Materials for Nanotechnologies, Photovoltaic Conversion, and Electrochemical Storage (MANAPSE). This newly formed lab succeeded the Materials Physics Laboratory, founded in 1981. MANAPSE Lab comprises a multidisciplinary team of scientists, including physicists and chemists, dedicated to synthesizing, and characterizing innovative materials for energy applications. Our primary focus is on solar energy conversion, encompassing photovoltaics, photoelectrochemical hydrogen production, and electrochemical storage. Additionally, we have expanded our research to include energy efficiency in buildings, heat storage and conversion, urban microclimate, and outdoor thermal comfort. In photovoltaics, our research concentrates on transparent conducting oxides and absorber semiconductor thin films for solar cells and sensors. We also perform performance monitoring of PV modules under outdoor conditions to assess their effectiveness. For electrochemical storage, our researchers are actively developing materials as electrodes for batteries, involving synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical testing. We employ various methods, including sol-gel, hydro/solvothermal, and ball-milling techniques, as well as spin coating, ultra-sonic spray, electrodeposition, hydrothermal, and sol-gel techniques, for material growth. MANAPSE Lab is dedicated to advancing materials science and nanotechnology for sustainable energy solutions, with a specific emphasis on solar energy conversion, hydrogen production, and electrochemical energy storage.

Our Members

Pr. Mohammed Abd-Lefdil

Pr. Mohammed Regragui

Pr. Zineb Edfouf

Pr. Lahoucine Atourki

Pr. Bilal Lamrani

Pr. Selma Dinia

Pr. Kaoutar Ouali

Pr. M'hamed Oubla

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