The Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter is a journal published by the Moroccan statistical Physical Society created in march 1997. The aim of Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter is to stimulate and lead the research in Morocco and elsewhere. It publishes original research, papers and survey articles on all areas of Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics. High standards are applied in evaluating submitted manuscripts.


3 issues per year.

Subject coverage

Are coverage theoretical and experimental studies of Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics, namely the properties of matter (structural, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical) for different materials (crystalline, amorphous metals, nanomaterials, semiconductors, insulators, glasses, liquid crystals, plastic crystals, polymers and superfluids).

Research papers

Reports of original research work; not normally more than 8500 words (14journal pages).

Review articles

Topical reviews, usually commissioned by the Editorial Board.


Should be sent to : Editorial Office of Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter, Département de Physique Faculté des Sciences Université Mohamed V, BP: 1014 Avenue Ibn Battouta Rabat Morocco. Telephone : 212-037-77-18-34, Fax:212-037-77-89-73, e-mail:mjcm@fsr.ac.ma

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