Item: Mathematics as evolving technology
July 5, 2017 Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technics, Rabat.

Chair: Pr. Omar Fassi - Fihri

Permanent Secretary , Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technics, Rabat, Morocco

Co-Chair: Pr. Saaïd AMZAZI

President, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco

The item of the MathLogy-PACOM2017 conference Satellite: “Mathematics as evolving technology” has been motivated first by the global theme of PACOM 2017: “Mathematics at the heart of technological innovation and economic development of Africa”, and also by the recent study conducted by CMI and requested by AMIES (Agency for Interactions of Mathematics with Enterprises and Society), in May 2015 untitled: ”A study of the socio-economical impact of Mathematics in France” which is really instructive and relevant. ( )

It is undeniable that knowledge, innovation, new trends and competitiveness are the challenges to be addressed In this new millennium, where the whole world is going through a major historical transformation of a multidimensional nature: scientific and technological, economic, social, cultural, political and geopolitical. For example, the key factors to be a successful worker remain critical thinking skills, problem - solving and creativity, and all these aptitudes are provided through and by Mathematics.

The main objective of this conference Satellite is to provide a forum of a high standard for discussions and exchange of experiences on the important role of mathematics in Industry, companies etc… and on their development as evolving technology in numerous fields.

About 100 participants are expected to attend the conference satellite, including Emeritus mathematicians and Outstanding industrials of a high level of knowledge about the use of mathematics in industry, companies and other fields, some of them will contribute by plenary lectures and fruitful discussions within panels.


Prof. Nouzha El Yacoubi

AMU Vice President, North Africa. Chair PACOM 2017 LOC. Mohammed V University, Rabat.

Prof. El Hassan Zerouali

PACOM 2017 convener, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University , Rabat, Morocco.



EMI, Mohammed V University of Rabat.


International University of Rabat.

a representative of Hassan II Academy for Sciences and Technics, Rabat