Pan African Congress of Mathematicians 2017

Revisited on March 2016

President’s Welcome Address

I wish to welcome you all to the website of the 9th Pan African Congress of Mathematicians (PACOM) with the theme: “Mathematics at the heart of technological innovation and economic development of Africa” .

Previous editions of PACOM have been melting pots for Mathematicians from all over the world during which there were opportunities to present new discoveries in all areas of Mathematics.
I shall be very glad to personally welcome you to the 9th PACOM in Rabat, Morocco. In the course of this Congress, you would have opportunities of meeting several Mathematicians from every corners of the earth and particularly from the continent of Africa.
It is my firm believe that the 9th Pan African Congress of Mathematicians with would amongst others

  • Encourage the working together of Mathematicians, research groups and research centres whose interest is the African region;
  • Encourage the young and budding Mathematicians to make scientific contributions during the congress;
  • Provide the right atmosphere to encourage interaction and connections among graduate students and established researchers from all over the continent of Africa and beyond.
  • Generate new ideas between international invited Guests, researchers and our graduate students.

Furthermore, the gathering of Mathematicians from all over Africa during the 9th PACOM would provide the avenue to shed more light on the issues affecting the African Mathematical Community with sole objective of tackling them headlong and proffer lasting solutions to these issues.
An important event in this edition will be the formal launching of: The Young African Medal Awards in Mathematical Sciences .
Once more, I welcome you to this website. Thank you very much.


Adewale Solarin, FMAN, Professor of Mathematics, Director/CEO, National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Nigeria; COMSATS Distinguished Professor of Mathematics; UNESCO-NMC Chair of Mathematics; Member, Scientific Board, UNESCO-International Basic Science PROGRAM.